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Online Diagnosis
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Online Diagnosis
Complete this form to see results of your diagnosis.

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Online Diagnosis
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Here are the likely causes of the symptoms that you are experiencing with your vehicle.


Probable Cause # 1 Spark plug or faulty coil
Probable Cause # 2 Injector dirty or defective
Probable Cause # 3 Oxygen sensor  soiled or defective
Probable Cause # 4 Pressure Sensor or dirty or faulty Mass Airflow Sensor

  Don't spend £100's in parts and/or labour choose the Carbon Cleaning solution.

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 The Carbon Cleaning ?
Preventive maintenance and Cure benefits

Regular preventive Carbon Cleaning servicing enables you to restore engine parts rather than replacing them, thereby saving on costly parts, such as a new turbocharger (£1.350 - £3.100), catalytic converters (£600 - £2.000), DPF Filters (£600 - £2.000) or EGR valve (£370 - £500).

Such problems result mainly from poor combustion, which stifles the engine.

If your vehicle already has a failure try our online diagnosis to see if a carbon clean will likely cure the fault....




CarbonCleaning engine carbon cleaning

image010If your vehicle requires professional intervention to clean to remove the carbon build-up there is no better alternative.

Starting at just £89.99 (including FREE OBD Diagnostic and before and after emissions tests) our Carbon Cleaning method is the least expensive.

The advantages are:-

  • Our Mobile Carbon Cleaning Technicians come to you
  • No expensive parts
  • No disassembly is required so no expensive labour
  • Completed in just 30 minutes so no having to leave your vehicle with the professionals
  • We are fully insured to compete this service at roadside or wherever your vehicle is located

As a preventative measure against further carbon build-up within the engine we recommend treatment every 15,000 miles

Thanks to the specially designed hydrogen treatment CarbonCleaning is the breakthrough alternative eliminating the need to replace expensive parts.



Business Opportunity

Become a UK Carbon Cleaning Partner

Whether you are considering starting your own mobile carbon cleaning service or expanding your garage / workshop services we have the perfect solution for you.

Dependant on circumstances and location we also offer our unique marketing services that will as good as guarantee our quoted income potential. For further information please view the Business Opportunity page under the Trade section of our website. or contact us with any questions about how to become a UK Partner.