What causes carbon deposits to build-up in engines??


Engines accumulate carbon deposits primarily due to engines designed to cope with ever important anti-pollution regulations requirements, imposed speed limits, fuel quality and driving at low speeds to save on fuel.

Symptoms manifest in the form of saturated components such as intake valves, DPF filters, EGR valves, and clogged turbochargers.


For many the old ‘Italian tune-up” trick (a regular quick blast down an open road at high rpms) would would be sufficient in keeping the carbon bugs at bay. This helped simply because high engine speeds equal hot engine temperatures, which effectively self-cleaned the engine. However, due to engines designs being restricted for lower emissions the carbon build up issue is now far worse than it previously was and today’s crop of engines don’t respond very well to the technique. In fact even if they did it’s no longer safe or legal to drive in such a manner in modern traffic conditions…

Our French HQ have spent many years developing a solution for these issue and now have the most advanced, innovative and economical technology to clean your engine from the inside out.

Prices start from…
Motorcycles: £74.99
Cars up to 5,000ccc: £89.99
Cars over 5,000ccc: £99.99
LGV’s £119.99
HGV’s & all other machinery: POA

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Clogged DPFDirty EGR Valve


Motorcycles carbon cleaning: £74.99 – £104.99

Cars: £89.99 – £149.99

LGV: £119.99 – £169.99

HGV’s and all others: POA

DPF Cleaning (Cars & LGV): £249.99

Discounts for carbon cleaning and DPF cleaning together from as little as £299.99

Call us for multi-vehicle discounting (as much as £50 per vehicle!)

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Regaining Performance, Lowering Emissions, Regaining Fuel Economy and Preventative Servicing – CarbonCleaning – there’s no better alternative!

image010If your vehicle requires professional intervention or just a preventative measure against carbon build-up there is no better alternative.

Starting at just £89.99 (including FREE before and after OBD Diagnostic tests) our Carbon Cleaning method is the least expensive.

The advantages are:-

  • Our Mobile Carbon Cleaning Technicians come to you
  • Potentially no expensive parts
  • No disassembly is required so no expensive labour
  • Completed in just 30 minutes so no having to leave your vehicle with the professionals
  • We are fully insured to compete this service at roadside or wherever your vehicle is located

As a preventative measure we recommend treatment every 15,000 miles

Thanks to the specially designed hydrogen treatment CarbonCleaning is the breakthrough alternative eliminating the need to replace expensive parts.

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Whether you are considering starting your own mobile carbon cleaning service or expanding your garage / workshop services we have the perfect solution for you.

Dependant on circumstances and location we also offer our unique marketing services that will as good as guarantee our quoted income potential. For further information please view the Business Opportunity page under the Trade section of our website. or contact us with any questions about how to become a UK Partner.