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UK wide we are the recognised number one mobile supplier for Carbon Cleaning, DPF Cleaning, Remapping and Vehicle Security services.
One Of Our Fully Trained Technicians Will Come To Your Home, Place of Work Or Any Other Convenient Location.

Carbon Cleaning

Restore your vehicles engine performance and MPG whilst increasing engine component lifespan!

DPF Cleaning

Get your vehicle back on the road quickly whilst saving £1000's vs a DPF replacement!


Increase vehicle performance by as much as 40%!

Autowatch Ghost II

Next Generation Vehicle Protection - the best protection against keyless entry theft!

Spread the cost over 4 payments

No Interest, No Charges

payment step 1 1

Ask for Payment Assist
When you make your booking ask to spread the cost via Payment Assist. If you book online please ensure you call us in advance.

Unless pre-approved we require a minimum invoice value of £250 to take advantage of the Payment Assist service.

*The payment process is subject to approval by Payment Assist

payment step 2 2

Processing your application with your technician on the day of the service.
No credit check . Instead a high street bank debit card is used to approve pre payments is required.

PLEASE NOTE: Internet only banks such as Stirling Bank are presently not approved by Payment Assist.

*The payment process is subject to approval by Payment Assist

payment step 3 3

Easy payment plan
Upon approval* your invoice is split into 4 equal payments. The first payment is processed on the debit card immediately and you are back on the road. The balance will be split over 3 further monthly payments.

Example: Invoice value £400 divided by 4 = 4 x £100 payments. NO INTEREST AND NO CHARGES.

*The payment process is subject to approval by Payment Assist

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over 50,000 satisfied UK customers since 2016

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