Next Generation Security To Protect against Keyless Entry Vehicle Theft

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Faulty DPF warning light

Is your vehicle susceptible to keyless theft?

Did you know in 2020 there was a vehicle stolen every 7 minutes in the UK!?! That's almost 75,000 vehicles for the year and this number has been increasing year upon year since 2015. This horrible statistic coincides with (a) new vehicles being manufactured with keyless entry systems and (b) organised crime targeting this loophole in security and high value market.

Autowatch Ghost II Non-Detectable Immobiliser System £499.00*

FREE Engine Carbon Clean worth £89.99 with all installs.

key theft

Protect Against Key Theft

The Autowatch Ghost II immobiliser will arm automatically once the vehicle is locked. This silently locks the engine preventing the vehicle from being driven away until the PIN is entered using the vehicle’s own controls. This also makes it completely transparent to any passengers in the vehicle.

key clonning

Protection Against Key Cloning

Installed discreetly and hidden into the original wiring harness of the vehicle the Ghost II immobiliser effectively becoming part of the vehicle’s own electrical system. Even with a cloned key unless the PIN code is entered correctly the vehicle will be immobilised. There are no radio frequencies from third-party keyfobs or remotes. All of this combined makes the Ghost II system completely undetectable to a vehicle thief.

jamming key fob signals

Jams and Blocks Keyfob Signals

Alternatively, an Apple and Android smartphone app can be used to disarm the immobiliser automatically when the app is active and the smartphone is inside the vehicle.

car theft
Faulty DPF warning light

The only CANBUS immobiliser to be TASSA verified meaning it's the only such system to be insurance recognised. Much like Thatcham for vehicle alarm systems, TASSA is the recognised body for immobiliser systems. All TASSA verified Ghost II installations come with a vehicle marking system used by insurance companies across Europe linked to the International Security Register. As a brand, we and all of our installation technicians are TASSA registered and approved.

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Ask for Payment Assist
When you make your booking ask to spread the cost via Payment Assist. If you book online please ensure you call us in advance.

Unless pre-approved we require a minimum invoice value of £250 to take advantage of the Payment Assist service.

*The payment process is subject to approval by Payment Assist

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Processing your application with your technician on the day of the service.
No credit check . Instead a high street bank debit card is used to approve pre payments is required.

PLEASE NOTE: Internet only banks such as Stirling Bank are presently not approved by Payment Assist.

*The payment process is subject to approval by Payment Assist

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Easy payment plan
Upon approval* your invoice is split into 4 equal payments. The first payment is processed on the debit card immediately and you are back on the road. The balance will be split over 3 further monthly payments.

Example: Invoice value £400 divided by 4 = 4 x £100 payments. NO INTEREST AND NO CHARGES.

*The payment process is subject to approval by Payment Assist

Autowatch Ghost II installation process

  • Firstly all our mobile technicians are Autowatch trained and approved Ghost II immobiliser installers carrying full insurance.
  • On arrival, they will assess your vehicle and for reasons of security must be left on their own to complete the installation securely i.e. no one should know where the Ghost II unit is installed in the vehicle.
  • Once installed our technician will take you through the process of arming / disarming, setting up and changing the PIN code as well as entering the immobiliser into valet/service mode.
  • Each Ghost II unit comes with a unique override code that is supplied in the form of a plastic scratch card along with all the documentation. You will be taught how to use this override code using a dummy code. You should only scratch to reveal and record the unique code once on your own and not in front of our technician.


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    Please either you use the registration lookup facility at the top of this webpage, or if the registration number is not yet known you can select the 'Don't Know Reg' just below this and select the correct vehicle from the menu options. If the vehicle doesn't exist in the menu it is unlikely it is compatible as yet, however, the compatibility list is forever growing so it is always worth contacting us to check.

    On average our mobile technicians can install the Autowatch Ghost immobiliser system and train you how to use it within 60-90 minutes. Some vehicles, however, are more complicated and will take a little longer.

    Most insurance companies now recognise the Autowatch Ghost II immobiliser and an installation certificate is provided that you can present to your insurance supplier. We strongly recommend speaking to your insurance supplier to see if they will offer you a discount based on the added security the device offers.

    We are not aware of any vehicle manufacturer rejecting any warranty claim due to a Ghost installation. Of course, it is always advisable to ask the manufacturer for confirmation.

    Yes, the Autowatch Ghost system allows you to enter the immobiliser into Valet mode. This will switch off the immobiliser so that the vehicle can be driven and started without the need to enter the immobiliser code. As an additional line of protection if the vehicle is driven over a set speed and then continues to be driven for more than a further 15 minutes the immobiliser will be reactivated automatically.

    All our technicians are trained by Autowatch and supported directly by them as well as our own in-house support team.

    It is Autowatch’s policy that the Ghost system must be fitted by the dealer who purchased it. Therefore, no, we are not able to supply without installation.

    On completion of installation you will be supplied a code card that you must scratch to relieve an override code. Our technician will show you how to enter the override code for such circumstances. If you misplace your unique override code then you can contact the manufacturer Autowatch who will be able to help you further.

    You can either leave it on the vehicle and pass on the security details to the new owner or if you so wish you can have us remove the Ghost system ready to be programmed and fitted to a new vehicle (assuming the new vehicle is compatible). Please contact us for further information.

    Yes, we offer multi-service and multi-vehicle discounts. In fact, with any Autowatch Ghost installation, we offer a FREE 1-stage engine carbon clean worth £89.99

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