Swirl Flap Bypass

Delete the problem rather than expensive replacement parts!

Swirl flaps are small butterfly valves located within the inlet manifold of modern diesel and petrol engines, designed to regulate the fuel-to-air ratio, enhance emissions, and improve torque at low engine speeds. These flaps close at light engine loads to cause air to swirl into the combustion chamber, aiding combustion and improving emissions and torque. Beyond 2000 rpm, the flaps generally open fully, having minimal impact on engine performance and emissions.

Potential Issues with Swirl Flaps:

  1. Leaking Manifolds: Over time, seals around the flap spindle may deteriorate, leading to pressurised air leaks from the inlet manifold. This can cause the vehicle to run rich and potentially damage components like the DPF and EGR systems.
  2. Carbon Build-up: Carbon from the EGR system and oil from the breather system can accumulate on the flaps, reducing intake manifold size and impacting performance.
  3. Electronic Actuators: Modern designs use electronic actuators for flap operation. Failures in these actuators or position sensors can keep the flaps closed, affecting performance, triggering engine management lights, and possibly causing limp mode.

Most vehicle models will run perfectly fine without functional flaps, in fact the latest engine designs do not include them.

If an engine is suffering from issues with the swirl flaps when the engine management system recognizes this it will put the EML (Engine Management Light) on the dash and possibly put the vehicle into limp home mode.

The manufacturers or general garage repair solution for this is expensive replacement parts, sometimes it’s the whole intake manifold which can run into £1,000’s!

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Bypassing the Swirl Flaps:

Our bypass remap, cost £339.99 for most vehicles, is a simple solution to switch off the swirl flap system and faults. Most vehicles don’t even require the removal of the swirl flaps, as long as we can leave them in the open position.

Drawbacks of Bypassing Swirl Flaps: The drawbacks are minimal. The impact on emissions and performance at low engine speeds is usually negligible, especially considering that carbon build-up, which begins as soon as the vehicle is used, makes the removal of flaps likely to enhance performance and efficiency.


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An average of 60-90 minutes but we recommend allowing for 2 hours.

Unlike just a clean (which may resolve the fault if it’s just carbon build-up) as long as your vehicle is otherwise healthy your vehicle's engine will run perfectly immediately after the service and there are no longer-term negative effects.

As with any form of remap file writing, there is always a tiny risk of failure which can lead to difficulties but these can always be recovered. The question shouldn’t be if there are risks but if there was a problem how is it handled? You’ll be pleased to know all our technicians are highly skilled and trained using only the best equipment to protect your vehicle from the risks of damage during the ECU remapping process. Saying that we would not take any risks with your vehicle so for peace of mind UKCC Auto Techs guarantees you that all our technicians are fully insured.

Certainly not. We are a worldwide brand with CE-marked machines, operating in over 50 countries with 100’s of machines being used daily – never has there been an engine damaged from our engine carbon cleaning process. No competitor can give you peace of mind on that scale.

Yes. If you’ve been told or heard differently elsewhere you’re unfortunately been lied to. The good news is this only applies to manufacturer warranties (third-party warranties won’t be affected). Manufacturers make painstaking efforts to clearly state that unapproved modifications to any components will void their warranty so if your vehicle has a manufacturer warranty then you should think twice before having such a service performed on the vehicle.

Yes, because this is just a software fix it would be a simple process of installing the original file on the ECU. We permanently retain your original file just in case you ever require us to reverse the process.

Yes, we offer multi-service and multi-vehicle discounts, discuss this with your local technician.

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