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The Payment Assist scheme alleviates the stress of the financial burden of getting your UKCC Auto Techs services by spreading the cost of the work over four equal payments without incurring any form of interest fees.


If accepted, you pay 25% of the total amount of your bill immediately and the remaining balance is split over 3 equal monthly instalments thereafter.
eg. If you booked a Remap and Engine Carbon Clean service for £340.00 on January 10th your initial immediate payment will be £85 followed by 3 subsequent payments each of £85 on February 10th, March 10th and April 10th.

Yes, the minimum invoice value is £200 and the maximum is £1,000.

No, there are no interest fees and there is no catch – it’s as simple as that!

No, All that’s required is quick and simply online check is performed to ensure your bank account has adequate funds to pay the 25% deposit and the address registered to your debit card matches the address the plan is completed online.

You must have a valid UK based debit card to be accepted by Payment Assist for finance. Credit cards and certain debit cards are not allowed, these include prepaid debit cards and cards that do not allow continuous payments to be set up.

For more information on our Payment Assist scheme, speak to your local UKCC Technician who will be happy to explain it in further detail.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all of our independent agent technicians are Payment Assist dealers.