Want To Avoid Replacing Your O2 Lambda Sensor?

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faulty O2 lambda sensor

What is the purpose of the O2 / Lambda sensor?
The O2 (Oxygen) Sensor or Lambda Sensor as it is known in the trade is located before the Catalytic Converter in the exhaust system.

The job of this probe is to measure the amount of oxygen left in the remaining burnt gases as they exit the engine and send this information to the ECU (Engine Management Unit). The ECU can then calculate the correct fuel / air mixture for the ideal combustion which lowers fuel consumption and in turn, reduces emissions. This is important for passing MOT and roadside emissions tests.
More recent regulations require a second 02 sensor to be positioned after the Catalytic Converter so that the effectiveness of the converter can be measured.

Why should the Lambda / 02 Sensor be replaced?
If the sensor is faulty it will send incorrect readings to the ECU and therefore the calculated air to fuel ratios will be incorrect. This will cause the engine to stutter, run lumpy, and increase fuel consumption.

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o2 Lambda Sensor Cleaning Options

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1-Stage Carbon Cleaning

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Our world class Hydrogen generating machine pulses Hydrogen and Oxygen into the engine which upon contact with dry hardened carbon will burn it back into it's hydrocarbon state (a gas) so that it can exit safely through the exhaust system. Includes FREE dealer leval diagnostics scan.
For more information please view How Carbon Cleaning Works

Recommended for: Those who use our Carbon Cleaning Services annually or every 10,000 to 12,000 miles.

Price: £89.99 - £119.99

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Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning
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2-Stage Carbon Cleaning

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As per our Stage-1 service but with our unique Injector Cleaner. As Hydrogen is introduced into the engine through the air intake the injectors are the one component that this form of cleaning cannot reach. Therefore here are UK Carbon Cleaning we’ve developed our own injector cleaner solution. This is administered through the fuel system to work in conjunction with the Carbon Cleaning. Clean injectors makes for better atomisation of fuel and therefore closer to complete combustion is achieved which in turn means less carbon build-up! Includes FREE dealer level diagnostics scan.

Recommended for: Petrol vehicles without a turbo.

Price: £119.99 - £139.99

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Stage-3 Carbon Cleaning

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As per our Stage-2 service plus our own branded chemical carbon cleaner solution that is designed to work in conjunction with the Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning. This unique chemical was developed when we realised that despite Hydrogen having some amazing results there are some limitations. Some carbon build-up retains moisture (mainly oily residues) which restricts the Hydrogen from interacting with the carbon as well as it could. This chemical is designed to burn as much of this oily residue away and dry out what is left so that thereafter the Hydrogen cleaning can produce even better results.

Recommended for: Petrol turbo and all diesel engines.

Price: £149.99 - £169.99

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Stage-4 Carbon Cleaning

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As per our Stage-3 service plus our own UK branded DPF chemical solution designed to aid a Diesel Particulate Filter to burn soot at temperatures as low as 300c (usual regeneration temperatures are >600c). This is a preventative solution to prevent DPF clogging and increase the lifespan of the DPF. NOTE: This is not a replacement DPF Cleaning

Recommended for: Diesel vehicles with a DPF unless they do not run ad-blue.


Price: £179.99 - £199.99

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When should the Lambda / 02 Sensor be replaced?

As long as it’s not shortened by other engine malfunctions the average lifespan of an 02 sensor is 80,000 to 90,0000 miles.

Exhaust leaks can damage the sensor probe which can lead to dangerously high temperatures. The probe can also become contaminated by unburned fuel, if this occurs it is irreversible.

Following a strict servicing routine, including the usual oil changes, spark plugs, air filters etc, is required to ensure maximum life of the sensor.

Signs that your Lambda / O2 Sensor needs to be replaced:

The engine starts to stutter or suddenly suffers from reduced performance

The check engine management light illuminates

The easiest way to diagnose a faulty Lambda / 02 sensor is with an OBD (On-Board Diagnostic computer). Unless you have access to an OBD reader and are competent in using one this should be completed by a professional.

Typically garages charge up to £70 for such a diagnostic, alternatively, we include a FREE diagnostic with all of our Carbon Cleaning Services starting from just £89.99

Cleaning your Lambda Sensor / O2 Sensor?

There are numerous ways to clean or replace the Lambda Sensor / 02 Sensor with varying prices.

The costliest option is a complete replacement part. Most mechanics will recommend this – Why? It’s generally their only solution. The price of a Lambda / O2 sensor varies on average between £180 and £300. NOTE: Newer vehicles have two sensors and it’s not uncommon that if one has been damaged the other will have been as well

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Depending on the level of service chosen our engine carbon cleaning service takes a total of 45-60 minutes.

Carbon cleaning is not as such a fix, it’s original purpose is cleaning as a preventative measure as carbon build-up is the root cause of 85% of the failure of components. If your vehicle is suffering from an o2 lambda sensor issue it may be just dirty, carbon cleaning is a simple and cost-effective way to ascertain if it can be cleaned. If not the sensor must be replaced and then we recommend following up with our carbon cleaning service to ensure any excessive carbon build-up in the engine caused by the sensor fault does not cause any further expensive faults.

You cannot clean too much but we recommend preventative cleaning once a year, or every 10-12,000 miles – just like a regular oil change but for the air and fuel side of your engine - little and often is the key and as the saying goes… ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Certainly not. We are a worldwide brand with CE marked machines, operating in over 50 countries with 100’s of machines being used daily – never has there been an engine damaged from our engine carbon cleaning process.

We would not take any risks with your vehicle, so for piece of mind UKCC Auto Techs guarantee to you that all our technicians are trained to the highest standards and are independently fully insured.

No, this process is totally safe and untraceable.

Yes, we offer multi-service and multi-vehicle discounts.

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