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Who Are We And Where Do We Come From?

The brand, originally known as UK Carbon Cleaning, was founded in January 2016 by Matt Wallace purely as the UK arm of the international and worlds largest engine carbon cleaning brand. We are now well established and recognised within the industry as one of it not the leader of Hydrogen engine carbon cleaning within the UK. With ten independent technician regions, we have approximately 70% of the UK covered supplying a fully self-sufficient mobile service direct to our consumer, commercial and motor trade client base.


We pride ourselves on all of our technicians having cutting edge knowledge through ongoing development and training. Each of them is committed to their clients and expanding their reach within their given territories in a manner second to none! To back this up in 2017 we became members of Checkatrade and obtained Trading Standards approval. At the time of writing this, we are still the only mobile service provider in our industry to obtain both these accreditations. Better still our customers need only check our Checkatrade reviews 150+ verified reviews with an average rating of over 9.95 out of 10 for evidence we are the smart choice!

Expansion Of Services

As we and the market have grown it was only logical that we started to expand our service.

First and foremost as we progressed our knowledge within the engine carbon cleaning market we soon realised that although Hydrogen cleaning is great, on its own it is no miracle. So, we sourced our own automotive chemist who developed us a range of chemicals to enhance our range of engine carbon cleaning services. To date, we now offer three additional chemicals to the Hydrogen cleaning that can be tailored to suit your vehicle. Learn more over on our Carbon Cleaning page.

Then as had always been inundated with DPF (diesel particulate filter) diagnostics and cleaning requirements we worked tirelessly to find the best DPF cleaning solution. This had to include the best training, support knowledge and supplies of DPF cleaning chemicals. Since the launch of this service in mid-2018, we have become the UK leader mobile DPF cleaning services and it now makes up for 50% of our jobs. With the throughput of DPF jobs, our knowledge and experience is second to none. Learn more over on our DPF Cleaning page.

Soon after launching the DPF Cleaning it became apparent our clients also wanted us to offer a remapping service. So, we have partnered up with a trade supplier only remapper who supplies us a complete custom remapping service. No matter if it’s performance, economy or a mixture of both you require for your vehicle we can supply exactly what you need. Learn more over on our ECU Remapping page.

Finally, as of June 2019, we are fully trained and authorised Autowatch Ghost installers. This new technology of the vehicle security and immobiliser market combats the problems relating to keyless entry theft and for a very reasonable price, especially when you add in we are offering a FREE engine carbon clean with all Ghost installations! Find out more information and if your vehicle is compatible with Autowatch Ghost here.

We are committed to developing and expanding our service range further as long as it aids our clients to receive the best services on a mobile basis at their convenience.

Why Did We Change Our Brand Name

When we launched in 2016 we had one goal – to develop the Carbon Cleaning brand within the UK which we succeeded to do. However, with all the expansion of services and the plans for the future, it became clear that the name UK Carbon Cleaning was restricting awareness and even causing some confusion with regards to what we do or don’t offer. Therefore, logically it made sense to rebrand to call ourselves something that encompassed who we now are and where we are going, yet to also remember where we have come from. UKCC is, of course, the historical part being the initials of the original UK Carbon Cleaning name and Auto Techs simply yet effectively encompasses that we are automotive technicians now and in the future – hence having received a positive response to the name change from a consumer survey we became ‘UKCC Auto Techs’ in June 2019.

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