Remapping is the art of enhancing the power and fuel economy of your vehicle. This is performed by enhancing several parameters to boost the settings of the engine control unit (ECU). If it's more performance you're after you'll experience an immediate improvement in not just peak performance numbers but also improved drive-ability, a smooth linear torque curve, and most importantly we'll ensure these gains are supplied safely within the limitations of the vehicle capabilities.

Why do vehicle manufacturers not supply all the performance already available in an engine? The problem is vehicle manufacturers have to supply a generic ECU map that is designed to meet requirements such as emissions regulations, climates and fuel qualities in all continents and countries they sell that vehicle too. The maps are therefore effectively a safe mode. However, here in the UK and mainland Europe we are lucky enough that we can unlock the true potential of a vehicle by adjusting these maps to take advantage of the environments and the good quality fuels we have access too.

How does a UKCC Remap work? Most vehicle engines are controlled by an ECU (Engine Control Unit) which manages the many parameter controls it takes to run an engine including fuelling, ignition timing and boost pressures. By customising some of these parameters our experienced in-house collaborator is able to enhance the vehicle performance and/or fuel-efficency.
Our software collaborator has decades of experience in this field and develops unique code for each vehicle to suit the requirements. No two vehicles are the same so every model has been extensively researched and software developed to ensure satisfaction 100% of the time, or your money-back!

What type of remaps do you offer? Most of our clients want what is best known as a Stage-1 Performance Remap. This gives maximum increase of performance and efficiency safely within the limitations of all OEM vehicles components.
However, if you're after something a bit more unique such as mapping to take advantage of a big turbo conversion or simply wanting more torque for towing we can customise to your exact requirements, just discuss this with your technician.

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Remapping Services

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: A stage-1 or customised request remap supplied by one of our mobile technicians.

Recommended for all vehicles with less than of 20,000 miles.


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Remapping and Carbon Cleaning

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As above but also taking advantage of our 2 or 3-stage carbon cleaning service (dependent on your vehicle requirements) to ensure the engine is running to optimal efficiently prior to enhancing the performance with the remap.

Carbon Cleaning is recommended for all vehicles within more than 20,000 miles, or have not had carbon clean within the last 12,000 miles.

Price: £339.99

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Spread the cost over 4 payments

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Ask for Payment Assist
When you make your booking ask to spread the cost via Payment Assist. If you book online please ensure you call us in advance.

Unless pre-approved we require a minimum invoice value of £250 to take advantage of the Payment Assist service.

*The payment process is subject to approval by Payment Assist

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Processing your application with your technician on the day of the service.
No credit check . Instead a high street bank debit card is used to approve pre payments is required.

PLEASE NOTE: Internet only banks such as Stirling Bank are presently not approved by Payment Assist.

*The payment process is subject to approval by Payment Assist

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Easy payment plan
Upon approval* your invoice is split into 4 equal payments. The first payment is processed on the debit card immediately and you are back on the road. The balance will be split over 3 further monthly payments.

Example: Invoice value £400 divided by 4 = 4 x £100 payments. NO INTEREST AND NO CHARGES.

*The payment process is subject to approval by Payment Assist

What is the process for installation a remap?

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Pre-Service Vehicle Health Check

Upon arrival, our mobile technician will perform a vehicle health check on your vehicle. This will usually start with a straight forward diagnostic scan, followed by a manual/visual engine inspection, and usually a brief test drive.

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Remapping Software Collaboration

Once our Technician is satisfied your vehicle is in good health he'll then proceed to read the file from the ECU using licensed tools (AlienTech Kess or AutoTuner) which is then sent to our remapping collaborator along with your requirements. This is then adjusted to change the file parameters accordingly and returned to the Technician.

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Remap software loaded and tested

Upon receipt of the remapped file the technician will then upload it to your vehicle*. On completion he'll will then test your vehicle before handing it back for you to enjoy it's new found benefits.

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* For most vehicles the remap file is downloaded and installed via the OBDii diagnostic port (the same one mechanics use to diagnose faults) so there is no need to remove the ECU. However, for a small number of vehicles, it is impossible to program their ECUs this way so they must therefore be accessed and unplugged from the vehicle and we use a process known as bench or boot communication whereby we must directly pin into the ECU. When making a remap booking either the office team or your UKCC Technician will research and then to ensure you are made fully aware of the required option to remap your vehicle.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a £50 to £100 additional charge to cover the additional cost for Bench remapping. Boot communication remapping requires taking the ECU away to be worked on in the office which then of course also entails an additional visit – for such a service we can only quote price on application.


Please use the stats checker at the top of this page either by registration number or vehicle selector (by choosing don’t know Reg)

There are two parts to this question.
Firstly our workmanship – All our technicians are highly skilled and trained using only the best equipment to protect your vehicle from the risks of damage during the ECU remapping process. Saying that we would not take any risks with your vehicle so for peace of mind UK Carbon Cleaning guarantee you that all our technicians are fully insured.
Secondly – Can a remap damage your vehicle? If the code is altered correctly no! No two vehicles are the same therefore it makes no sense that generic code should be supplied even for the same model vehicles. We only supply custom remaps and all our code is written within safe modification limits. We will not push beyond the boundaries of your vehicle engine capability. Sticking to these rules means we can categorically state that our remapping is a safe option. However, it is important to understand that increasing the performance of a vehicle does increase responsibility. Simply put more power = more stress on the engine’s components. Like any other supplier, we cannot be held accountable for such circumstances. With this in mind, we do ask all clients to sign a disclaimer that they understand and accept the associated risks. If you have any further questions regarding this your local technician will be happy to answer them.

The actual remapping service usually takes between 30-60 minutes. However, there can sometimes be a short delay in receiving the updated ECU file from our coders, therefore, we recommend allowing 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours including a test drive time to be on the safe side.

Yes. If you’ve been told or heard differently elsewhere you’re unfortunately been lied to. Car manufacturers make painstaking efforts to clearly state that unapproved modifications to any components will void their warranty. For remapping, this will cover the engine including turbo or supercharger, clutch, and gearbox.

Yes but generally the dealerships do not have in-house tools that would be able to detect if your vehicle is remapped. However, should your vehicle experience a failure (eg. a gearbox issue) that would require an expensive repair it is normal for the OEM manufacturer to assess your ECU (engine computer) and would almost definitely find the remap. In such circumstances, your chance of a warranty claim being processed positively would be very slim.

Yes, this can be arranged at an agreed cost with your local technician.

Some of our local technicians have teamed up with local dyno units and will be able to supply this service. Please contact your local technician to find out if this is available in your area and at what cost.

It’s a myth a standard production car with a standard ECU can be programmed on the dyno or even on the road, this option only applies to aftermarket ECUs. A vehicle with an OEM ECU can only be programmed with a stationary engine.

Yes, we offer multi-service and multi-vehicle discounts.

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