What is engine carbon cleaning

The old fashioned way of removing carbon deposits from an engine is the equivalent to open heart surgery. It entails physically opening up the engine, using chemicals to loosen the carbon then scraping it away and removing it – an extremely laborious task (6-8 hours for a V8 engine) that is both costly and no efficient. Worst still generally a mechanic will only remove the carbon in and around the manifold, intake valves, and cylinder heads. However, much of the carbon deposits build-up later in the engine system e.g. around the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation system and turbo and exhaust systems which also requires cleaning to fully restore your engine.

Having spent many years in development PowerSystem of Lille, France launched the ground-breaking CarbonCleaning™ Hydrogen technology in 2011. This unique advanced technology pumps and pulses hydrogen through the air intake system burning away the carbon deposits that prevent your engine from running smoothly. This remarkable system is suitable for any petrol, diesel or hybrid engine and has a proven ability to quickly and safely removing carbon build-up deposits from the whole engine system in just 30-45 minutes, the effects are immediate.

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  • Damon Dagnall AvatarDamon Dagnall

    I recommend Christian and Carbon Clean very highly. I had a DPF problem which has been rectified and has saved a fortune. Additionally, the car’s performance has improved 100%

    Bradleyy Phillips AvatarBradleyy Phillips

    Very good service.
    Could of charged me around £200 for a dpf clean which the garage said i needed but he soon found out i only needed a reset because of a sensor very honnest, will definatly be using this service again.

  • Paul Scicluna AvatarPaul Scicluna

    Had Ciaran carbon clean my Vauxhall vivaro this evening.
    Very nice guy to chat to. Didn’t mind me watching and asking questions. Very knowledgeable due to his background.
    I’ve taken my van out for a little test run to see what difference the job has made and I am totally surprised at how well the van drives now.
    It’s a lot quieter, drives with a little more gusto than before and even the exhaust smells cleaner.

    I highly recommend Ciarans service. I’ll be telling a lot of people about how great it is.

    Cheers Ciaran

    Jack Elliot AvatarJack Elliot

    Big difference in the car, everything is a lot more smoother and pulls a lot better in gears, great quality of service, highly recommend!

  • Kerry Cooper AvatarKerry Cooper

    Excellent service from Red very professional, I had a DPF clean on my BMW X5 he did a wonderful job and I can’t thank him enough, it’s now running better than ever, I would highly recommend.

    Keith Hancox AvatarKeith Hancox

    UKCC Auto Techs's carbon cleaning is a brilliant service,fully recommend it my car after getting problems with EPR valve and sluggish performance has now got a new lease of life.Thanks Red �

  • Kyle Silky Clarke AvatarKyle Silky Clarke

    Had car in for carbon clean and remap.. Very friendly and welcoming.. Even makes a great cup of tea.. Highly recommend his services
    Five star service

    Ahmed Sheen AvatarAhmed Sheen

    6 Stars out of 5!. My Vauxhall Insignia CDTI 160 was in limp mode due to a severely blocked DPF. At first, I was apprehensive about using these guys, but after talking to Yasir, he gave me some assurances that he would clean and regenerate the DPF and carry out full pre and post regen diagnostics. Upon arrival, he also suggested a stage 3 clean using Hydrogen to clean the Intake, manifold, egr valve, turbo and the engine and the benefits it would give. I booked the service, and 4 hours and £350 later, the car drove like new, quieter, cleaner and faster. I found Yasir to be professional, knowledgeable and very competent. I reccomend this company very highly for your DPF Regeneration and/Hydrogen clean of the engine.

  • Roger Wood AvatarRoger Wood

    I had a light come on my wife’s vw touran about emissions so decided to have it carbon cleaned with a stage 3 and also a stage 1 clean on my Bmw as it felt sluggish. Wow the results are amazing and highly recommended as I was abit dubious about it but I have to say I am very impressed thanks again

    Sam Tully AvatarSam Tully

    had carbon clean and remap performed...can defo tell the difference...thank you

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