What is engine carbon cleaning

The old fashioned way of removing carbon deposits from an engine is the equivalent to open heart surgery. It entails physically opening up the engine, using chemicals to loosen the carbon then scraping it away and removing it – an extremely laborious task (6-8 hours for a V8 engine) that is both costly and no efficient. Worst still generally a mechanic will only remove the carbon in and around the manifold, intake valves, and cylinder heads. However, much of the carbon deposits build-up later in the engine system e.g. around the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation system and turbo and exhaust systems which also requires cleaning to fully restore your engine.

Having spent many years in development PowerSystem of Lille, France launched the ground-breaking CarbonCleaning™ Hydrogen technology in 2011. This unique advanced technology pumps and pulses hydrogen through the air intake system burning away the carbon deposits that prevent your engine from running smoothly. This remarkable system is suitable for any petrol, diesel or hybrid engine and has a proven ability to quickly and safely removing carbon build-up deposits from the whole engine system in just 30-45 minutes, the effects are immediate.

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  • Neil Woodall AvatarNeil Woodall

    Got the treatment done several weeks ago but delayed giving a review until I'd seen whether it helped. BMW 330D 2010 with 75k on the clock, I was averaging 36-37mpg before hand which seemed low, hence getting it done (owned for 2 years at that economy). Since the service I'm averaging 41.5mpg, I didn't expect that much of an improvement! No change in driving style or journeys. Highly recommended, my mum will be booking this week 🙂

    Jordan Lee AvatarJordan Lee

    Brilliant service, night and day difference. James is great and explains everything and has no problem answering any questions you may have, would definitely recommend 👍

  • Alan Glendinning AvatarAlan Glendinning

    Had my wee car carbon cleaned today must admit I was a bit sceptical at first but glad I opted to get it done James was very polite and professional talks you through everything he is doing , went for a run in the car tonight and it is a lot quieter ,runs smother and would in my opinion have more power thanks James �

    SharonJaydee Middleton Sharkey AvatarSharonJaydee Middleton Sharkey

    Excellent service right on your doorstep... James is 1st class at explaining the procedures from start to finish. Would definitely recommend him to everyone

  • Darren 'del' Knaepel AvatarDarren 'del' Knaepel

    Professional friendly and reliable service! I would highly recommend Sean to anybody!

    i had my civic type r done sean turned up on time talked me through the whole process and answered any questions i had, carried out the clean and was very professional, after the clean was done he waited while i took it for a spin and i was very happy with the results, it now idles better and flat spot has gone with the engine running alot smoother! definitely recommend a clean by sean at UKCC Auto Techs - Cambridgeshire

    Caine Tanswell AvatarCaine Tanswell

    Red came out yesterday to give my Bmw 325i a stage 2 carbon clean and he has done an excellent job the car is driving a lot smoother. I would 100% recommend red to my friend and family really nice and friendly guy to talk to.

  • Leonardo JG Williams AvatarLeonardo JG Williams

    Had this done on the 29th April, I've done Terra clean on numerous of cars but that was going to a garage, and more expensive. I found this, it's a lot more budget friendly & took really quick to do. Got a date that matched myself perfectly, had Sean come over and it was all over before it started. My engine's throttle response has increased dramatically even though petrols don't get affected as much as diesels. Also my MPG has increased over so slightly, but for a high performance car that doesn't really interest me. Don't hesitate booking with these people, it's cheaper than most! Thank you!

    Kevin Blount AvatarKevin Blount

    Had my Seat Leon 170 Fr booked in . The Technician kept me informed of travelling and ETA . Arrived on time and then proceeded to explain the procedure. I wasnt expecting much but what a difference its made. Havent had chance to do motorway speeds yet but the car feels more responsive n a lot quiter. Its probably something ill have done on a yearly basis but wish i had sooner than i have. Really is a great service from the West Midland Rep . He does himself and his company proud. Excellent, what more can be said !!.?

  • Jafar Ali AvatarJafar Ali

    Really good treatment, was done on my Golf GT had a lot of carbon build up in the EGR & cleared out almost all of it.

    Sean Baker AvatarSean Baker

    Very professional and a really good BL ke

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